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Nature's Harvest Adult - 1 Month Selection Pack (Medium Dog) -  - Judge's Choice Pet Food
Regular price £95.99

Adult Medium dog Food 1 month Pack - Nature's Harvest

The Nature's Harvest Adult Medium Dog Food 1 Month Pack* contains :-

- 6 x '10 tray bundle' (6 x 10 x 395g) of Nature's Harvest Adult Dog food**

- 10kg bag of our popular Nature's Harvest Wheat Gluten Free Mix, for added crunch! 

 - 2 tubs (2 x 250g) of Nature's Harvest air-dried treats**

 - Free delivery

**please choose flavour varieties from the drop-down box

You will receive 8 free trays of your dog's favourite Nature's Harvest Adult Dog Food AND free delivery by purchasing our Nature's Harvest Adult Medium Dog Food 1 month pack*  

*For the purpose of this pack, a Medium Dog is 12-25 kg. Please note that this selection pack may last a little less or more than one month depending on portion size.

The Nature's Harvest Adult Dog Food 1 month pack is also available for large size dogs.



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