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Cushion Beds

Spoil your pet with a luxurious Cushion bed, ideal for cats and small dogs.  Hand filled with deep extra soft thermal polyester fibre.  The beds are fully washable and quick to dry as the fibre filling does not absorb water.

Available in a variety of styles including traditional Scottish Tartan, Sherpa Fleece or Fluffies faux fur.

Fluffies Range - Cushion Beds

Part of the increasingly popular Fluffies Range for Cats, these Cushion Beds are crafted from faux fur and available in Grey, and Grape. They are hand filled with deep extra soft thermal polyester fibre which is fully washable and quick to dry, as the fibre will not absorb water. A delightful...


Royal Stewart Tartan Range - Cushion Beds

The Royal Stewart Tartan range is designed around a traditional Scottish tartan with a rich red base colour. The Royal Stewart range brings a taste of Scotland to your home. These Cushion Beds are ideal for Cats and are hand filled with deep extra soft thermal polyester fibre which is fully...


From £17.99
Sherpa Fleece Range - Cushion Beds

The Sherpa Fleece range is designed with comfort in mind. Available in four rich colourways of wine, navy, grey and beige and featuring the exclusive Danish Design Paw Print motif. The Sherpa Fleece range offers your pet the ultimate in luxury for a fantastic sleeping experience. Cushion Beds are hand filled with deep extra...