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County Range - Deep Filled Duvets -  - Judge's Choice Pet Food
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Deep Filled Dog Duvet - County Range

The County Range Deep Filled Dog Duvet provides a practical solution for dog owners with active or working dogs.  The Dog Duvet has an easy clean surface making life a breeze when muddy paws strike! Simply wipe the Forest Green Deep Filled Duvet clean with a damp cloth.

The County Range offers a selection of fantastic products for the kitchen or the car. New improved features include, dual waterproof coating and heavier duty hard-wearing fabric.

The Deep Filled Dog Duvet is available in 2 sizes:

Medium (71cm x 98cm)
Large (87cm x 138cm)

Spare Deep Filled Dog Duvet Covers are also available.

The County Range includes matching Standard Dog Duvet, Standard Dog Duvet Spare Cover and Dog Cage Mattress.

Made from waterproof nylon.

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