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Heritage Range - Snuggle Beds -  - Judge's Choice Pet Food
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Snuggle Dog Bed - Heritage Range

The Heritage Range Snuggle Dog Bed, is rectangular in shape, with deep filled fibre shoulders for enhanced comfort and a drop down front for easy access.  The Snuggle Dog Bed also includes a non-slip base.

The Heritage Collection celebrates centuries of traditional British design, featuring two classic fabric styles, Houndstooth and Herringbone. To give these designs a twenty first century twist Danish Design have added a vibrant, modern splash of colour. The Heritage Collection offers style, comfort and durability.

The Snuggle Dog Beds are available in Houndstooth fabric. The Houndstooth design features traditional green and browns with a burgundy faux suede creating a modern twist.

The Heritage Range Snuggle Dog Beds are available 4 sizes, and each has a reversible mat:

45cm – 18”
61cm – 23”
68cm – 28”
89cm – 34”

The complete Snuggle Dog Bed is fully washable and the base cushion is removable for a quick wash.    The deep supersoft polyester fibre offers a superbly comfortable bed for the discerning pet.

Made from a polyester blend.

The Heritage Range also includes matching Deep Filled Dog Duvets and Spare Deep Filled Dog Duvet Covers, Deluxe Slumber Dog Beds, a Luxury Quilted Dog Mattress, Box Dog Duvets and Spare Box Dog Duvet Covers.

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