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Dylan the Dog - Large Size Dog Toy -  - Judge's Choice Pet Food
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Dylan the Dog Dog Toy - Large

Dylan the Dog Dog Toy - Large

Our superb range of Plush Toys are made exclusively for Danish Design who's pet products are exquisitely designed to provide style, comfort and functionality for any discerning pet and owner.  These outstanding products fully complement our range of Danish Design bedding products, both in quality & design, and are available in a variety of sizes.

Dylan the Dog is 38cm - 15".

Other dog toys available in the large size include Albert the ArmadilloPenelope the Penguin, Fletcher the Frog, Darcy the Dog, Edward the Elephant, Lucy the Lion, Cooper the Cockerel, Horace the Hare, Macauley the One Eyed Monster, Maddie the Two Eyed Monster, Marcelle the Monkey, Sybil the Flat Squirrel, Lizzy the Lizard, Barry the Bug, Peter the Parrot, Melvin the Monkey, Dennis the Dog, Doris the Donkey, Gertie the Giraffe and Philly the Pheasant.

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