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Tweed Range - Slumber Beds -  - Judge's Choice Pet Food
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Tweed Range - Slumber Beds

The Danish Design Tweed Range gives a traditional countryside feel with subtle earth colours.  The Tweed Range - Slumber Beds are available in a subtle blend of country green tweed and tan faux suede.  The mix of tweed and faux suede fabric  offers a hard wearing range of bedding with a comfortable feel. 

The Tweed Range Slumber Beds are available in 7 sizes:

45cm – 18”    
53cm – 21”    
61cm – 24”    
68cm – 27” 
76cm – 30”
89cm – 35”
101cm – 40”

The Slumber Bed is a traditional oval shaped "all in one " basket bed.  Filled with foam fibre and washable with easy access via the deep front opening.

The Tweed Range also includes matching Luxury Quilted Mattresses, Snuggle Beds and Box Duvets and Spare Box Duvet Covers

All beds in the Tweed Range are made from a polyester and acrylic blend.

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