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Brush-in Shine Waterless Dog Shampoo - Aloe Vera & Honey Judges Choice
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Brush in Waterless Shampoo - Aloe Vera & Honey

Brush in Waterless Shampoo

This amazing waterless brush in shampoo uses a complex of organic jojoba seed oil, red raspberry seed oil, argan oil and niaouli oil to sooth, nourish and protect coats against environmental exposure.

You can use this product on all hair/fur types.


Use in between shampoos to refresh and control odor or immediately after shampooing for a long-lasting clean smell.

  1. Spray evenly until coat is damp, avoiding eyes and ears.
  2. Massage into coat until a light foam appears.
  3. Wipe foam off with a towel or absorbent cloth.
  4. Brush out.
  5. Enjoy a happy and fresh smelling dog!

Ingredients for our brush in waterless shampoo
Purified water, coconut derived cleansers, niaouli oil, organic jojoba seed oil, red raspberry seed oil, organic aloe vera, organic coconut oil, argan oil, essential oil based fragrance, natural ion bonder, natural conditioners, natural preservatives.

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