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Ourteam Hiroko Main

“Judge’s Choice has been a part of my life for over 25 years. I can still remember the early days when James & I worked out of the kitchen, while looking after my daughter’s and managing domestic life. Those were hectic times! For the first 15 years of Judge’s Choice I ran the office and all the administration that went with a busy and growing company. I also helped promote the business, and as a family we used to travel up to Scotland every year during the summer holidays with the girls and sell our products at various game fairs and agricultural shows. I think in my lifetime I have attended over 200!

I am originally from Kawasaki, Japan but have now lived in England for more years than I have in Japan! In my free time I enjoy the quieter pace of life and love to read and dabble in more creative passions of mine like embroidery, painting and cross stitch. I am blessed with 4 young grandsons that keep me young, active and sometimes exhausted!”