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Ourteam Rosemarie Main

“I joined Judge’s Choice in 2011 as the Office Manager. With my accountancy background, over a decade of experience working in the retail sector, and my love of dogs, I was really excited to join Judge’s. I manage everything from the accounts to stock control, to making sure everything runs smoothly in the office. The happiness of all our customers is of paramount importance to me and I am the person you will likely speak to when you call us!

I am originally from Nienburg, Germany but made the move to England 18 years ago. My hobbies include the simple pleasures in life, spending time with my family and my three grandchildren, Skye, Jack and Logan, socialising with friends and walking through the local woods with Alfie, my 1 year old Labrador who needs lots of exercise and keeps me fit. Travelling is also a passion of mine and at every opportunity my husband and I hop on a plane in search of a new adventure.”