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Braid Clip Leads -  - Judge's Choice Pet Food
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Braid Clip Leads

Our Braid Clip Leads are handmade in the U.K using top quality nylon braid with the beneficial properties of strength and elasticity.

Intertwining the quality nylon creates a strong, durable lead that is light-weight and washable. 

The lead is soft and easy to handle, being lighter than marine rope leads.

The clip lead has a strong trigger clip allowing you to attach the lead to a metal ring on your dog’s collar.

Braid Clip Leads are 8mm in diameter and 1.2m in length.   Available in black, blue, red, olive, brown and violet.

We also stock a wide range of Rope Slip LeadsRope Clip Leads and Braid Slip Leads in various colours, diameters and lengths.

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