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Long Legs Snowman Christmas Dog Toy
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Long Legs Snowman Christmas Dog Toy

Long Legs Snowman Christmas Dog Toy by Danish Design - now half price


No one should be left out when it comes to gift giving at Christmas, especially not your four-legged companion. Your dog will love this fun and festive Long Legs Snowman. It will spread Christmas cheer at home and on walks, although being white it may be best to keep it for indoor play if the snow starts to fall outside. Playing “hunt the white snowman in the white snow” may be a long game!


This Long Legs Snowman…let’s call him Bernard…is made from soft textured material with a small squeaker nestled in to its body. Bernard is snuggly on the outside, lightweight but durable and contains minimal stuffing. Bernard Long Legs Snowman measures 50cm in length and is a perfect size to be thrown, chased and carried around by your four-legged friend. You can even pop him in the washing machine, the snowman rather than your dog!


Why will your dog love Bernard the Long Legs Snowman?

Do you have a dog that likes socks, slippers or items of your clothing?! Most dogs can’t tell the difference between these soft items and everything is fair game to them. Bernard Long Legs Snowman is soft and ready to step into the role of a sock or slipper. Walking around with both slippers and matching socks has never felt so satisfying!!

What do you do when your dog is curled up in its bed but you want to play? Pick up Bernard Long Legs Snowman and press his little squeaker. Bernard will entice you four-legged friend out of slumber and into a bit of fun physical and mental exercise.

Does your dog whimper when you have to go out and leave them behind? Don’t worry, Bernard Long Legs Snowman is on hand to comfort your pup and keep them company and reduce separation anxiety.

Why are dog toys important?

Dogs need toys to stimulate their minds and keep them mentally active. They allow for appropriate chewing rather than your sofa/lamp wires/mobile phone…delete as applicable! Toys are also a great way to train and modify your dog’s behaviour.

When should you use a dog toy?

Puppies and anxious dogs can benefit from a dog toy that they can use as a comforter. A soft dog toy is something that your puppy can bond with and sleep next to after they have left their mother and their litter. Your anxious dog will feel comforted by the softness of Bernard Long Legs Snowman and you can pop him in their bed to keep them company during sleep time.

Dog toys encourage all dogs to learn how to amuse themselves rather than rely on humans and other dogs and this is especially important in young dogs teaching them independence and how to entertain themselves when left alone. Bernard Long Legs Snowman is ideal for cuddling and playing fetch, helping to teach young dogs valuable lessons and older dog’s new tricks.

Bernard Long Legs Snowman is a medium size dog toy and suitable for dogs of all ages making him a perfect companion for your dog to snuggle up with on those wintery nights. He’s waiting for a new home and ready to become your pet's new favourite dog toy.