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Heritage Range - Luxury Quilted Mattress -  - Judge's Choice Pet Food
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Luxury Quilted Dog Mattress - Heritage Range

A Heritage Range Luxury Quilted Dog Mattress, made to fit oval plastic beds and filled with deep, Supersoft Polyester Fibre to give even more softness, warmth and comfort.

Celebrating centuries of traditional British design the Heritage Collection features two classic fabric styles, Houndstooth and Herringbone. To give these designs a twenty first century twist Danish Design have added a vibrant, modern splash of colour. The Heritage Collection offers style, comfort and durability.

The Luxury Quilted Dog Mattress is available in Herringbone fabric. The subtle Herringbone design features a soft beige with modern burgundy stripe for a striking effect. 

The Heritage Range Luxury Quilted Dog Mattress is available in 8 sizes:

45cm – 18”    
53cm – 21”    
61cm – 24”    
68cm – 27” 
76cm – 30”
84cm - 33"
89cm – 35”
101cm – 40”

Made from a polyester blend.

The Heritage Range also includes a matching Deluxe Slumber Dog Bed, a Snuggle Dog BedDeep Filled Dog Duvets and Deep Filled Dog Duvet Spare Covers, Box Dog Duvets and Box Dog Duvet Spare Covers.