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Nature's Harvest Air Dried Treats - food - Judge's Choice Pet Food
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Nature's Harvest Air Dried Treats

Completing our Nature's Harvest range are the Nature's Harvest Air Dried Treats.

100% natural, the holistic air-dried treats are crafted from human grade ingredients without the use of fillers, sugars or additives.  

Our unique air-drying process is gentle and protects the delicate proteins, vitamins and minerals, locking in as much of the available nutritional benefit as possible.

Available in tubs of 250g in two tasty flavours of Ham & Farmer’s Cheese,  and Chicken, Vegetables & Seaweed.  Suitable for adult and senior dogs. 

Purchase our Nature's Harvest Air Dried Treat Selection Pack and save £1.99

The Nature's Harvest Air Dried Treats complement other products in the range Nature's Harvest Adult and Nature's Harvest Senior food.