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Nature's Harvest Air Dried Treats - Cod - food - Judge's Choice Pet Food
Regular price £5.99

Nature's Harvest Air Dried Dog Treats Cod

 Adult dogs 1+ years

Nature's Harvest Air Dried Dog Treats Cod are 100% natural holistic treats made with 100% fresh Atlantic Cod.  Containing real fresh pieces of cod naturally air-dried.

The unique and gentle “air-drying” process protects the delicate proteins, vitamins and minerals by allowing the food to dry naturally in its own juices, locking in maximum levels of natural flavours and goodness.

All ingredients are human grade standard, ethically sourced and available in 100g re-sealable tubs.

Also available in Chicken, Vegetables & Seaweed flavour.

Save £1.99 by purchasing our Nature's Harvest Air Dried Treat Trio Pack.

Our Air Dried Treats complement our Nature's Harvest Adult and Senior ranges.