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No 210.5 Working Dog Whistle -  - Judge's Choice Pet Food
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No 210.5 Working Dog Whistle

The No 210.5 Working Dog Whistle has an easy blowing mechanism with an ultra high pitch.

The Whistle does not contain a 'pea' and produces a solid tone with a single, extremely high frequency.  The highest frequency of all the plastic whistles available in this group. 

The high pitch is quiet to the user making it a great all-round whistle, recommended for both town and countryside use.

  • Ultra High Pitch
  • Solid tone (no 'pea')

Good for close work and distance control.

Purchase the No 210.5 Dog Whistle together with a lanyard and receive 40p off your lanyard price here.

 Free UK postage and packing is available for all products in our whistle range.