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No 210.5 Working Dog Whistle & Lanyard Set -  - Judge's Choice Pet Food
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No 210.5 Working Dog Whistle & Lanyard Set

The No 210.5 Working Dog Whistle creates an ultra high pitch that is also quieter for the user.  

The Whistle is made with an easy blow mechanism.  It does not contain a 'pea' and makes a solid tone with a single very high frequency.  The highest of all the plastic whistles in this group. 

Suitable for use in the countryside and town.  Great for close work and distance control.

  • Ultra High Pitch
  • Solid tone (no 'pea')

This set includes the whistle and a standard nylon lanyard with steel swivel hook and includes a saving of 40p.

We offer free postage and packing on all products featured in our whistle range.