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Plastic Combination Whistle 560-211.5 & Lanyard Set -  - Judge's Choice Pet Food
Regular price £17.20

Plastic Combination Whistle 642 & Lanyard Set

2-in-one Whistle - the Plastic Combination Whistle 642 merges the Thunderer Referee 560 Whistle and 211.5 Working Dog Whistle.

The variety of noises produced can be useful for different areas of work or different commands.

The reliable and powerful Thunderer Referee Whistle produces a strong, distinct sound great for heavy rugged country and in bad weather.

The unique 211.5 Working Dog Whistle does not contain a 'pea' and creates a unique high pitch solid single tone.  

Manufactured from high impact plastic.   Bite resistant and shatterproof. 

Purchasing the Set gives you the combination whistle and a useful standard nylon lanyard with steel swivel hook.  This includes a saving of 40p.

We offer free postage and packing on all products featured in our whistle range.