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Spelt and Charcoal Dog Treat
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Spelt and Charcoal Dog Treat

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Spelt & charcoal DOG TREATS 210g

A natural, balanced healthy nutritional biscuit made with high protein turkey, spelt flour and activated charcoal. 

The use of one quality source of protein makes it an ideal treat for food-sensitive dogs. The Spelt flour, is a variety that dogs are less likely to have an issue with and the addition of activated carbon has positive benefits for your dog’s digestive system and aids detoxification.

The biscuit is slow baked at lower temperatures, preserving the nutritional content and taste of the raw ingredients. The resulting hard biscuit provides a challenging treat for your pet which is also beneficial for their gums and teeth

All Bubeck Bakery Treats & Biscuits are made without fillers, sugar or preservatives. 

60% spelt flour, spelt germ, rice flour, 10% turkey meat (dried & ground), rapeseed oil, 2% ACTIVE CARBON, dicalcium phosphate.


Crude protein 16.5%, 

Crude fibre 2.4%, 
Calcium 1.0%, 
Crude fat 9.0%, 
Crude ash 5.0%, 
Phosphorus 0.7%.

The biscuit should be fed as a treat. Small dogs about 30g and larger dogs up to about 100g per day.   Please ensure that your dog always has fresh drinking water available.

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. 

Please note that there may be a slight blackening of the tongue or faeces caused by the carbon particles. However, this colour is harmless.