The vision of Judge’s Choice – Sustainability

We only use products from sustainable sources and have been using only recyclable packaging for many years. We all have a responsibility to this planet and the future generations who will care for it.

We strongly believe that as a company we are responsible for operating in a sustainable manner and achieving the highest standards of environmental practice. As a business which is dependent on the health of the animal kingdom for its continuing commercial success, we understand that we have a duty of care for the natural environment and for safeguarding the wellbeing of our environment for future generations and future generations of fellow animals. We are therefore committed to encouraging our suppliers, our customers and all our business associates and stakeholders to do so too.

We will undergo continual assessments of the social and environmental impacts of Judge’s Choice operations and, where possible, we will set firm objectives and aim to reach targets to improve our performance. We will actively promote an internal culture which values these measures and encourages and rewards our people for contributing to these goals. We have an established management structure which ensures that sustainability is secured on the agenda from the top down.

We have outlined our commitment to sustainability through a series of statements:


We will identify appropriate staff training, corporate advice and information for all employees to encourage them to develop new ideas and initiatives in support of our sustainability objectives


We will actively promote responsibility for the environment and will effectively communicate our policies for sustainability to all our staff


We will seek to minimise waste by reduction, re-use and recycling in all our operations


We will implement steps to reduce our use of energy, water and other resources in all our operations


We will not only comply with but also positively implement all relevant environmental legislation and regulation as a minimum


We aim to minimise our own use of plastics within our business and will encourage our suppliers to do the same


We will maximise our support for charitable and non-government organisations whose objectives and operations are in-line with our own environmental and sustainability goals


We will review our environmental and sustainability policies and objectives at least annually in consultation with staff and other stakeholders